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Introducing Unrealists: Smart Solutions Through Expert Consultation

Fractional/Interim CTO/VP-Engineering
Overcome obstacles without the need to heavily invest in full-time industry experts.
Data Sourcing, Engineering, Visualisation
LLM adoption
We solved many high volume data problems and have a strong expertise in data engineering and visualisation tasks.
Special Projects & Transformation Initiatives
You have a challenge that is not your core business? Let’s talk about it.
Expert Tech Interviews
Difficulties sourcing and evaluating good tech talent? Having built highly functional tech teams for several companies and projects, we can help.

Unrealists was established with a clear purpose: to empower startups by providing expert consulting services backed by our extensive industry experience. We understand that many startups face challenges in innovating and hiring skilled professionals, which is why we’ve built an agency where emerging companies can access our team’s actionable insights from various stages of corporate growth. This enables startups to overcome obstacles without the need to heavily invest in full-time industry experts.

Our small yet experienced team of tech specialists has over half a century of combined experience across multiple industries.

We’re proficient in tech strategy, automation, digitalization, analytics, optimization, machine learning and more.

While we are adept at working in interim or fractional CTO and VP Engineering roles in startup contexts, we can also adapt to established environments and help implement creative ideas. Our approach often involves applying startup-like strategies to execute special projects or transformation initiatives for larger clients.

Unrealists is dedicated to being your trusted agency partner by offering quality consulting services tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Collaborate with us to navigate the competitive business landscape effectively with a highly experienced and adaptable team by your side.

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