Our client is a VC-backed InsurTech startup. They digitalize the way insurance companies process claims. The core product of the startup is a SaaS platform that automates the old-fashioned and time consuming paperwork of claims.

The Challenge

The startup approached us during their foundation phase. Because of our experience in founding and growing startups, we were their ideal partner to turn their idea into a success. Together we determined the tech vision and roadmap. The main goal was to develop a solid MVP around their vision. We also assisted in the recruitment of their tech team to ensure long term success.

Our Solution

Our team was early on involved in the development of the minimum viable product. It took us a total of three months, from start to finish, to complete this project. During this time we also assisted in interviewing CTO candidates, and conducted the technical onboarding and handover.

The Benefits

Our partnership resulted in a functional product that fitted the needs of the market. It allowed them to approach and acquire their first clients. On an organizational level they were able to attract new talents and grow the company.

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