Use cases and experience
Fleet utilization optimization, fleet configuration simulation and predictive demand analysis, fleet management automation, static and dynamic operational area definition, expansion strategies and metropolitan zone analysis/scoring, and more.
Data acquisition- & innovation
Often times companies do not know what data they can acquire or access or what insights to derive. Over time we developed a solid overview of what data is available and what can be collected. Combining this data with organizational goals leads to innovative solutions for growth.
Visualization & Business intelligence
Having data is the first step, understanding data the next. Defining meaningful KPIs to monitor and displaying insights in the right way is something we are really good at and we would love to share our expertise with you to help you gain decisive advantages towards your competition.
Marc is fantastic to work with, and has valuable experience in data science, data engineering, data visualization and project management. He uses his strong industry experience to devise smart and actionable business strategies. His contributions on the data science side brought us a big step forward.

Thomas Ertel - CTO Free2Move

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