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FinTech is a term often used to describe startups that are trying to tackle market segments and target groups that banks traditionally had less interest in. They leverage data science and automation to improve existing structures. Our team has a strong expertise in building, managing and expanding FinTech systems. In the past we founded and scaled FinTech startups, and in the present we are proud of our long time partnerships with several established Scale ups.

An example case is building smart machine learning models to automatically score and handle loans for SMEs. Our solutions can also help conquering underserved target groups and winning them and in the long run also more mainstream customers over by excelling through user friendliness and well-thought modern digital processes.

Our expertise in a nutshell
Due Diligence

This experience allows us a unique insight into the world of FinTech. As a company we offer our experience to help set you up for success by:

Helping to successfully navigate regulatory processes
Giving support in evaluating candidates to fill your key positions
Automation & Innovation
Well executed process management is every FinTech Company's key to success. We therefore developed our own extensive set of tools and have optimized existing products in order to reach maximum efficiency and profitability. Furthermore we have worked with and implemented a variety of modules and services from areas such as KYC/AML/PEP/CIB/Bank Scraping and more.
Business Intelligence & Strategy
Having data is the first step, but understanding data is what makes the difference. Defining meaningful KPIs to monitor and display insights the right way are areas in which we excel and therefore our expertise can help your project gain significant advantages over your competition.
More about our FinTech projects can be found with our case studies or we can tell you more in person.
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