The Future of Mobility


The future of mobility goes in the direction of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), which we would define as mobility solutions that are digitally accessible, on demand. Especially in the bigger cities it can be very cumbersome to own a car. This combined with emerging opportunities for sharing cars and other vehicles makes the gap between actual vehicle-ownership and public transport more and more interesting to fill.

Apart from this, green transport is also more and more encouraged which can be seen in the increasing amount of e-bikes, electric cars and other micro mobility solutions, all in order to transform cities into smarter, more efficient and more livable ones. MaaS can play a key role in this transition, as it can be the link to hold all these components together and thereby achieve the most optimal configuration within a bigger system, in this case the smart city.

Our expertise in a nutshell
Use Cases and Experience
Over the course of the years, we have gained different experiences in the mobility sector. We have developed tools which enable our clients to optimize their fleet utilization with maximum efficiency. Also, we have made simulation programs in order to find the best fleet configuration and to predict future demand by analysing past-data. Furthermore we have used our client’s data in order to define their dynamic operational area, to automatically manage their fleet and in order to give them insight into possible expansion strategies.
Data Acquisition and Innovation
Companies often are not aware of what data they can acquire or access and what insights to derive from this. Over time we have developed a solid overview of the availability of data and how this can be collected and analysed. Combining this with organizational goals leads to innovative solutions and growth.
Visualization and Business Intelligence
Having data is the first step, but understanding data is what makes the difference. Defining meaningful KPI’s to monitor and display insights in the right way is something we are really good at and we would love to share our expertise with you to help you gain decisive advantages over your competition.
Smart MaaS Operations

To run a MaaS operation there are a lot of moving parts to take into account. We don't claim to solve all of them, but we highlighted the parts where we can provide you with the best value.

MaaS landscape
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