Our remote culture

We pride ourselves as being a company with a strong built in remote culture. Having the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world is a benefit in our line of work. Even though our main office is based in Berlin, we work with developers and clients from all over the world. We also like to travel and occasionally attend a conference or exchange the cold grey Berlin winter for a warmer habitat. In order to make all this possible we are required to be strong communicators and effectively interact with each other.

In our opinion there is no secret sauce that will make running a remote organization a success. It takes a lot of hard work, communication and experimenting with what works for us as a company and as a team.

Nobody likes to waste time on pointless meetings, but in order to stay informed we run a super quick digital daily standup and weekly video call with the team. Everyone shares their progress and challenges, and uses this moment to gather information and request help. We encourage proactivity and stimulate everyone to be open and share what they do.

Especially when working in different time zones and with different cultural and language backgrounds communication is extra important. We discuss and clarify often, making sure everyone is capable of writing proper tickets, emails and chat messages.
During the day everyone is free to work the hours they prefer, we do however maintain a few “core hours” during which everyone is available to answer questions and make sure no project ever gets stuck.

For a remote structure to truly work every participant has to be responsible and accountable for the progress they make. Teams and projects have leaders, but every individual should be mature enough to ask questions and speak up when they feel it makes sense. Remote work means more freedom, but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

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