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Our Process

Unlock Success: Our Unique Approach Unites Expert Insights & Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Start the Conversation

We like to start with a two- to four-hour workshop to outline your needs, understand your goals, discuss project scope and develop a high-level execution plan. Once everybody’s happy, from there we can come up with the perfect working agreement.

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Experience and Flexibility

Whether you need data engineering, KPI analytics, R&D, the expertise to build a full-fledged product, or even just some fresh input. We can fill the roles of experienced Interim CTO or VP-Engineering, construct tech roadmaps, and help to assemble and lead tech teams!

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Typical Project

Our engagement typically spans three to nine months, with some exceptions where our services are tailored to unique circumstances. In certain cases, we might be hired solely for developing a specific Proof of Concept (PoC) or consulting on a particular issue. At other times, we may be entrusted with creating and executing comprehensive roadmaps that involve scaling up and help to build up a complete tech team, including a full-time CTO. Some clients prefer to maintain our expertise through a flexible retainer, ensuring they always have a reliable technical partner at their side.

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